Get your tax back when you buy Tampons from these 8 brands

Yup! There's a luxury tax on tampons and it's crazy high in some countries, but now you can get your tax back.

Did you know that tampons are considered non-essential goods and are taxed and can have a ridiculously higher tax rate than regular goods? In some countries, the tax was as high as ~20% 🤬. On the other hand, viagra is considered a medical necessity.

Here in the US, most states have removed this tax, but a few states are still applying the tax with the highest I’ve come across at 11.5%. The coalition included a map of the remaining states and the amount of tax they still charge.

The Tampon Tax Back Coalition was created in May 2023 by the brand August to help end this practice. While that hasn’t happened yet, 8 brands, including August, Cora, DIVA, Here We Flo, The Honey Pot, LOLA, Saalt, and Rael, have come together to help you recoup the extra costs.

Not so Fun Fact: This practice is also known as “the pink tax”, which includes other items that are taxed at a higher rate for women.

All feminine hygiene brands should be participating in this!

How to get reimbursed?

Head over to the website, scroll down, and click on Get Reimbursed. You’ll be asked to enter your phone number to sign up.

Next wait for confirmation then text a photo of your receipt (within 10 days of purchase) and wait for payment. It’s that simple! Click below for the full details.