Learn Every language rosetta stone has to offer!

You can learn 25 languages at every level from Rosetta Stone

Get help from TruAccent™, the world’s best speech recognition technology. Develop your command of the language as you learn to read, write, speak & understand.

Learn basic conversational skills like shopping, ordering, taking a taxi, etc. Move onto intermediate language skills like sharing opinions & discussing pop culture. Use the advanced speech engine to compare your accent to native speakers.

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Learn up to 25 languages, 1 at a time, with award-winning interactive software & speech-recognition technology that analyzes the words you say 100 times per second.

  1. Spanish (Latin America)
  2. French
  3. Italian
  4. German
  5. English (American)
  6. Arabic
  7. Chinese (Mandarin)
  8. Dutch
  9. English (British)
  10. Filipino
  11. Greek
  12. Hebrew
  13. Hindi
  14. Irish
  15. Japanese
  16. Korean
  17. Persian (Farsi)
  18. Polish
  19. Portuguese (Brazil)
  20. Russian
  21. Spanish (Spain)
  22. Swedish
  23. Tagalog
  24. Turkish
  25. Vietnamese

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  • Access to all levels of languages
  • Access on desktop & mobile
  • Works on multiple devices (PC, MAC, tablet and mobile)
  • Note: Customers can only access one language at a time but can switch between them at any time